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Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Chain Day 16

This is always one of my favorite activities of Advent.  Going to visit a live Nativity, or going on a "Journey to Bethlehem".  We heard about this one a couple of years ago from a friend at church and I was hooked.  With all the bombardment from the secular world, I feel it is even more important than ever to make Christmas about Christ (the real reason, afterall). 
This year, the Noodle wasn't as afraid of King Herod, but she still thought the Roman Centurions were scary and she covered her eyes the entire time they were talking.  She was happy to look at the sheep/lambs, but didn't want to pet them or feed them.  The donkey was, as always, cantankerous.  Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus were serene.  Most importantly?  It brings the age-old story to life and it becomes meaningful and revelant.

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