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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Chain Day 17

Here's another day that is always a fun one.  We went to hear the orchestra put on a Christmas concert for kiddos featuring the brass instruments.  It is part holiday concert, part "let's learn about the various instruments in the brass family"--all compressed into a 30 minute program.  Since you've got kid-lets that span the ages from newborn up through the early/mid elementary years, you've got to have a program that is fast, fun and full of energy.  This one didn't disappoint.
As always, the orchestra hall was beautifully decorated for Christmas.  That, coupled with all the children dressed up in their finery, made for a special morning.  We did end up seeing a few folks that we knew--one little girl in the Noodle's preschool class, so that made it even more memorable.  The brass ensemble played all the favorites like Jingle Bells (accompanied by everyone's keys making a nice jingle-jangle sound), a jazzy version of Rudolf-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer, the 12 Days of Christmas, Deck the Halls and The March of the Toy Soldiers.  Clapping, singing, snapping and knee-tapping were all encouraged, which we did with gusto!

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