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Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Chain Day 19

Since I'm off of school now, I have to kick the birthday and Christmas preparations into high gear.  I was able to do a little last minute shopping this a.m., we made the birthday treat for school this afternoon and in between took time out for a haircut.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a little wrapping, sewing and baking before picking the Noodle up from school.

Today's activity was to take a walk down memory lane and look at past Christmas holidays in our scrapbook.  My S-I-L is an avid (when time allows) scrapbooker.  She got me into it while we were waiting for the Noodle.  I haven't done nearly what I should do, but somehow doing 3-4 pages for a Christmas book is do-able for me.  That's been the extent of it these past few years.  I still have a "waiting" scrapbook that I started when we were in the holding pattern for the Noodle.  Perhaps that should be a new year's resolution--to finish it?!

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