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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Chain Day 18

Our activity for today was to bake Christmas cutout cookies.  I made the dough yesterday and while the Noodle and J were out playing in the snow, I did the cutting out and baking.  Somethings are easier without help.  Besides, the real fun is always in the decorating.

Speaking of playing out in the snow, during J's folks move, lots of toys from childhood were unearthed.  One being a snow-block-fort-maker (for lack of a better term).  Doesn't really matter that it is from circa 1978...it still works great!
The Noodle, 2011

J and his older bro, 1978 

"Only 1 structural member was used in the making of this fort"...a direct quote from the resident architect.

Once they came in from outside, we were ready to hit the icing, sprinkles and colored sugar.  Interestingly enough, last year the Noodle was all about the sprinkles and colored sugar.  She definitely had the "more is always better" theory to her cookie decorating.  This year, she was way more into the icing.  She mixed, swirled, dabbed and spread to her little heart's content.  Again, probably not going to win an Ace-of-Cake award, but mmmm, they sure taste delish :)

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