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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 6--Make pinecone birdfeeders

Today I was gone most of the morning and afternoon on a holiday home tour. That left J and the Noodle some serious bonding time. They made the most of it by taking on Day 6's activity--using peanut butter on a pinecone to make birdfeeders. There was about enough peanut butter to make 2 birdfeeders, but isn't it amazing how that birdseed keeps multiplying and gets just about everywhere? He gets extra kisses from me for taking on this activity all by himself!! So what that a little peanut butter was licked off of the pinecone or that some birdseed was sampled...lots of memories were made and that is what is important!

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PhoRzl said...

You have the cutest daughter! Great pics, I bet she'd love to watch hummingbirds, they are my son's favorite bird. We have three hummingbird feeders now !