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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Chain 13--Make a "gingerbread" house

What do you do on a rainy, gray, gloomy Sunday? Stay indoors and make a "gingerbread" house! O.k. not actually a gingerbread house, but close enough. While The C.N. was waking up from her nap, the architect in the family got busy creating the structure of the house. Start with a couple of cardboard boxes and some packing tape and let your imagination run wild. By the time she was ready to participate, the "framing" had been done and the fun could really begin. At one point in time, she was shoveling in those little white chocolate disks as fast as she could...I shudder to think how much candy she consumed. Good thing she didn't like the Tw*zzlers or D*ots. By the time the peppermints were put into place she was more interested in helping open them then eating them (although I know one got sampled). While they were busy embellishing the house, I was making dinner--a winter warmer soup. Good thing it is nothing but vegetables! We'll see how it tastes since it is a new recipe--If it is good, I'll post it.

Can I interest you in a peppermint?Ta da...the finished product

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Susan said...

Very impressive house! Love the look on C's face.