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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1--Advent Chain

We decided to go ahead and do an Advent chain countdown to Christmas, to really help us enjoy this time with the Noodle. I know that all too fast she'll grow up and so we'll be glad we have these memories. Last year she was so young and everything was new to her, that Christmas was more of a passive experience. She enjoyed the lights, the activities, etc., but certainly didn't grasp the full meaning. This year it is a completely different story. She gets sooo excited each night at dinner when she looks out the window at the neighbor's house and exclaims "LOOK!! HO HO's (aka Santa) turned on!" Translation: Look--that big, huge, Santa inflatable is standing up in all his glory. She marvels at how early it is getting dark and how the houses are all decorated with lights. She eagerly searches the paper each morning to see if there are any toy circulars and then spends quite a bit of time pouring over them. This past Sunday we went over to my parents to help them decorate their house. No sooner had Lollie set up the creche before the Noodle was right there playing with all the figures. I think she'll definitely enjoy our L*ttle P*ople manger scene this year. We haven't even begun to decorate our house yet, so I'm sure when we do, she'll really be beside herself :)

Day #1's activity was, you guessed it, to make the chain. I knew that 24 paper links to cut, glue and write activities on would be more than any almost-3 year-old could handle, so I jump started the project. When she woke up from her nap, she finished cutting the strips and as I wrote the last few activities, she glued the links together. The final step was to add some Christmas stickers for embellishment. I decided to hang it up where she can see it from her seat in the dining room and so that curious fingers couldn't "accidentally" tear off any chains prematurely. Let the Christmas season begin!

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