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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Chain Day 19--Bake and decorate cut-out cookies

Yum...nothing like the smell (and taste) of sugar cut-out cookies. I can't remember decorating with the Noodle last year--J seems to think that we must have just bi-passed her "help" and did it after hours. This year she was all ready to spread, sprinkle, embellish and of course taste. Before we started, I found her eyeing, quite literally, the cookies. I can only imagine what was going through that little head. Ha ha!! Her preferred decorating style was the "dump"; as in I'll take the sprinkles and dump all of them onto one cookie. Not quite Martha Stewart, but definitely tasty! It was determined early on that the adults would man the frosting and she could do the sprinkles. Now, if we can only come down off of the sugar high!

This is the classic "dump" method of decorating.
The not so gentle reminder to sprinkle onto the cookies, not just the cookie sheet!

Hard at work.......


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