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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent Chain Day 12--Deck the Halls!!

Fa la la la la...
Yeah! One of my favorite things to do...decorate the house and the tree. We always have had a real tree, but 2 years ago we were sick and tired of having dry needles by Christmas (even though we didn't ever put them up until the second weekend of December). Sooooo we bit the bullet and bought an artificial one at an after Christmas sale. Last year we ended up decorating around the same time in December, but it was easier just going up to the attic to get it down (I feel like a bit of a holiday slacker where this is concerned...Hollywood images fill my mind of going to a Christmas tree farm, cutting down that perfect tree, beautiful white flakes swirling around, all the while "White Christmas" is gently playing in the background...fade to black.....)Note: I've never cut my own tree down--we would always just go to a Christmas tree place where they already had them cut, so this is a totally romanticized idea. Annnnyway, I love to put up the tree and deck the halls. I love the soft glow from the mantle lights mixing with the tree lights while Handel's Messiah is quietly playing in the background. I love waking up each morning and turning the tree on. I love it all...until December 26. Then, for me, the beautiful sight becomes an unbelievable cluttered mish-mosh of stuff. By December 28th, I'm really ready to pack it all up and hopefully, if things aren't too crazy, everything gets packed away by the 30th thus leaving the house clean and tidy for the New Year. We'll see what happens this year......

The helpful elf
The excitement of a child--precious.
Studying each ornament.
Put it right...there!
Finishing off the night with some hot cocoa and The Night Before Christmas

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