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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3--Set up the creche

We had been given the L*ttle P*ople Nativity scene last year as a shower gift. At the end of the season a good friend gave us the Inn at Bethlehem to add to the scene.

While last year The Noodle would look at it and pick up the figures, she was much more interested in it this year. We had a good time getting out each piece, talking about it and then placing it in the scene. Once we had it all set up, she really got into playing with it and stayed at it for at least 20 minutes (most of that time I was cooking dinner and not even playing with her!). She quickly realized that if you press the angel down, the star will light up and it will play "Away in a Manger"...note to self: must remember to take out those batteries! While we've read about the Christmas story in her bible, I know this will really help her to start understanding and making connections.

Let's have a tea party too--everyone is invited.
***We traveled with this family last September when they went and picked up their daughter. They are currently heading back to China to pick up their 2 , yes you read that correctly, 2 sons. We wish them safe travels and smooth transitions. It has been a roller coaster ride for them to get to this point!! Godspeed.

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