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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reading all around

A somewhat lesser-known fact about our family is that we while we do have 1 T.V., we hardly ever watch it. We also rarely watch movies, therefore our T.V. doesn't get much attention. When the switch was made to digital T.V., we had to go out and buy a better set of rabbit ears because we don't have cable but still wanted to be able to turn on the tube every once in a while. When people find out this little nugget of information, they often ask, "But what do you do in the evenings or to 'tune-out'"? We always answer...READ!!! Books, magazines, the newspaper. There is a huge pile of J's magazines littering our house and I've always got a stack of books to dive into. I guess this behavior is wearing off on the Noodle...not that that is a bad thing!

Where is that Goldbug?! I know he's in here somewhere!
Chomping on some felt pizza while I read Mama's paperback--life is good.
Letters, letters everywhere.

***I do have to admit that when we go on vacation and stay somewhere with cable, we do enjoy it...tremendously. TLC, Discovery, HGTV, The Food Network. We get so sucked in and while we mean to only watch it for a half hour, the next time we look at the clock, it is waaaaay past our bedtimes. Just reinforces how if you have it, you'll watch it. It is only because of our vacations that I know anything about Jon and Kate.

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