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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hospital Report

Flowers from my friends E and L(and notice the lack of hospital jammies?!?!).
Pain meds are definitely a GOOD thing!
Watching a movie in bed before going to sleep
Well, it has been an eventful past few days, but only good news to report!! While we were initially given a surgery time of 2:30 on Wednesday, the poor Noodle didn't go back until about 4:00. She hadn't had anything to eat since 8:30 the night before and anything to drink since 11:30 a.m. Amazingly, she was just as happy, chipper and agreeable as she always is (if only J and I could be so pleasant when we don't eat)! Each step of the way, she was totally calm and understood what the next step would be. I can only attribute that to all the prayer, front-end planning and talking we did with her. As she and I were walking down to the O.R. she kept pointing to all the doctors' and nurses' mask and saying please, please, please! She was ready for her mask. I was able to stroke her face and talk to her as they were giving her the "sleepy medicine" and then once she was asleep, I kissed her little cheek and left. She was so peaceful and calm the entire time, thus making it sooo much easier for me.

She was back in surgery for about 3 hours (bringing her in and out as well as the surgery) and the doctor felt everything went very smoothly and was successful. Of course when she came out, she was crying and feeling yucky but both J and I took turns holding her. The first night I stayed with her and was as you would expect what a first night is like after surgery. Some sleeping for her, some awake times coupled with "discomfort". By morning, the pain medicine was working and she was able to eat a soft breakfast--AHHHH food :). Through out the day, she was generally o.k., and at one point was down right silly/wild, as long as the drugs were working, but as soon as they wore off she was NOT happy. J stayed with her last night and I'm back again this morning. If she continues to drink and eat soft foods, they are saying that she should be released today, so let's pray that she does. The eating isn't as bad as the drinking. With all the fluids coursing through her, I don't think she has any sensation of being thirsty and so doesn't want to be bothered drinking. We've been having numerous "parties", where lamb and bear join us to drink whatever the drink of fancy is at the time. Whatever it takes....

J and I are holding up. Thank you for all the prayers that were (and are being) lifted up for the Chinese Noodle and for us. God certainly took over and most importantly made this whole experience a non-scary, successful event for the Noodle. He has been sustaining J and I and will continue to do so, giving us exactly what we need at the right time.

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Kimberly said...

So thankful to hear this good report. We are glad that C is doing so well. We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery. I know you are very thankful to have gotten through this surgery with her!