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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitchen Greens recipe

A sorority sister of mine gave me this tasty recipe for any kind of greens you may have--collards, kale, beet greens, etc. I used it for our dinner tonight. Thanks Sister B...it was delicious!! The Noodle ate the entire thing, in fact that was about all she ate tonight.

Creamed Kitchen Greens
Blanche greens 30-60 sec. in boiling salted water and then cool in ice water; saute 2minced shallots in 4T butter until soft; sprinkle with a touch of flour and whisk around; add 2C warmed heavy cream and whisk; let simmer down about half and then add S and P and a little nutmeg.

I had found a nice sounding recipe that combined the potatoes and turnips, but when I went downstairs into the basement (where I kept them to keep them cool) I found that they had shriveled. Bummer. I used the recipe for the potatoes and made a mashed potato gratin. That plus the pickled beets J had made (delicious!) and the BBQ short ribs in the crock pot (ala Dr. G), we had a yummy meal. It was a bit heavy for summer, but hey, we used the veggies we had. We won't even think of the fat or calorie content.

Sorry the picture is not better. I tried to keep the food separate...I HATE it when foods touch or run together...pet peeve of mine...but alas it didn't work.

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