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Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation part 2

We didn't know what we would find when we got down to the beach last week. Oil slicks? Tar balls? Sick wildlife? Shuttered establishments? Thankfully, it was still "business as usual" down on the Gulf. Later on in the week, we did see all kinds of large trucks (bulldozers, etc.) busy at work. They were bringing in new sand and pouring it over the older sand--perhaps so that if the oil washes up, they will be able to skim off the top layers and still have the beautiful sugar sand beneath? No doubt they will continue to prepare and pray.

Both the Noodle and J were excited to see and look at the trucks. Me, not so much :)

The sand was even more squishy since they laid down an extra layers.

On a different note, the attempt to get a family photo can be...challenging...to say the least. Of course, when we want the Noodle to cooperate, she's much more interested in:

sprinkling sand

perfecting the art of the limp noodle

spinning around until she falls down dizzy

But, eventually, we managed to get some cute ones--

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