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Friday, June 25, 2010

My First Dollhouse

The other weekend we were out running errands and decided to stop at a garage sale. We came across the F*scher Pr*ce "My First Dollhouse" for sale at the unbelievable price of $5.00!! Once I got home, I realized that not only was it in perfect condition but included were also all of the "additional" pieces as well.

The dollhouse comes with a Caucasian family, but of course, our family doesn't really look like this, now does it. Further browsing on-line led me to the knowledge that if you contact F*scher Pr*ce and give them the UPC code, they will mail you (FREE OF CHARGE!!) either an Asian or Hispanic family. Score! As an FYI, in the store, you can also purchase the dollhouse with an African-American family.

I know Christmas is still 6 months away, but perhaps you might want to give Santa a little heads-up, hmmm?

Just wanted to pass along this great deal to others who might not be aware!

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