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Thursday, June 17, 2010

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Once the calendar page flipped over to June, I knew that the CSA would be starting soon. Yesterday was it was. We weren't sure what to expect so early in the season, since where we live they are still harvesting "cool" weather vegetables (think greens), but we weren't disappointed! Lettuce, spinach, beets, kale, thyme, garlic scamps, kohlrabi, onions and the jackpot--strawberries. Obviously the Noodle couldn't let those plump, juicy berries sit there without sampling one or two. No doubt about it--'local' trumps 'trucked in' berries any day. Delicious!

We're suppose to be heading into a heat-wave tomorrow, but if it is not too hot, the Noodle and I are going to try and pick some of our own strawberries. Yum :)

***On a different note, we had the Noodle's 1 year appointment with the Cleft Clinic team this morning and everything looks great. We don't have to go back for another year (although we ARE going to go back in 6 months to touch base, but just with Speech) because her ears look great, the hearing test came back normal and PTL it looks as though the fistula has closed on it's own. This is a major blessing because while it wasn't causing any problems, it was still a small opening/weak spot in the roof of her mouth. Her surgeon initially had indicated that it was unlikely that it would close on its own but today he said that he couldn't really even see it! Thanks to the Great Healer!!

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