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Monday, June 21, 2010

Three and a half

Today the Noodle is three and a half. I can't believe it! Where is the time going? Aghhhh!

In order to document, her favorite food is still rice, she loves to eat most fruits and some veggies, she enjoys singing "Paw-paw patch" and "This train is bound for glory", she can ride a scooter as well as a bike with training wheels, she still is a girly-girl who loves jewelery, dresses and fancy shoes but is also fascinated by "Ka-Chow" aka Lightening McQueen, Thomas the Tank Engine and various 'dozers, dump trucks and other earth moving equipment, she knows and will say our entire grace/blessing, but rarely will she do it upon request, she consistently will walk up the stairs alternating feet but inconsistently comes down that way, her favorite place to be is anywhere we are--often causing us to exclaim that "you're under foot!", she loves to help us complete tasks (work on the car, home improvement, cook/bake, laundry, etc.), she usually drinks from a straw or a cup and can use a toddler knife (dull that it is) to cut her pancakes/waffles or other "softer" food, she continues to love books and will sit to be read to or will "read" to herself for long periods of time, she is terrified of thunder storms and will literally shake while one is going on and want to be held for the duration, when she dances, she wiggles her arms (like she's blocking) and shimmers her hips, her head sweats SO MUCH--most days when she wakes up from her nap, there is a big sweat ring on her pillow and her entire head is wet; the rest of her body doesn't seem to sweat that much though, she has a rather fierce sweet tooth (just like her mama!), she loves to spin around and around until she falls down...and then gets right back up and starts all over again and finally, she never stops being a joy and a blessing to us, every minute of every day!

Don't worry, this was a posed shot...she put her helmet on when she started riding!

Being a "goofy-ball" as she likes to say!

These 2 provided hours of entertainment on the drive down to Florida.

Doin' her signature dance move (as well as sweating up a storm!)

Helping plant the Mother's day gifts

See what I mean about being "under foot"?!

Assisting with the message center Daddy was working on

Ring around the rosie

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Debbie Sauer said...

A well-rounded girl! Blessings.