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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This little piggy

The Chinese Noodle has continued her streak (pun intended) in not wanting to wear her clothes. I wrote about this earlier here. Most evenings, once we put her down, she will be up in her crib talking to herself and then it will become silent. When we go up and check on her, she is smiling broadly and will proudly exclaim "Noooooo!!!" as she points to her naked body. There have been a few times when she has also attempted to remove the diaper, but we've quickly put the smack down on that. I think we'll wait until later in the summer to try our hand at potty training.

Anyway, she's gotten quite good at removing her clothes and of course, always does it with stealth-like behavior. On our way home from the airport this last time, she was silent in the backseat and so J and I assumed she was sleeping (especially since she missed her nap). When we pulled into the driveway and turned around to wake her up, we saw the Noodle dressed only in her diaper. She had unbuttoned her dress, taken her arms out of it and somehow slithered her carseat straps down as well. Obviously we didn't have that tight enought. She just grinned.

On the flip side, she has gotten quite good at dressing herself. She LOVES to button, zip, unsnap, untie and velcro. Typically she can get her pants/shorts on as well as her socks and shoes totally independently. She's also getting good at putting on her shirt...at least most of the time.

You have to just smile at that!

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Kimberly said...

This is hilarious. I LOVE the CN's look of glee at her accomplishment in the carseat. . AK loves being a "naked girl" too. Thankfully, she doesn't yet have the skillz to actually undress herself... yet. Also, AK has those piggy jammies, too. I think they are just precious!