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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Friday--The zoo and lunch with Daddy

This morning, the Chinese Noodle and I went with Dr. G and her son to the zoo. While the day started off gray, the clouds quickly parted, the sun came out and the sky turned a brilliant shade of blue. Perfect for looking at all the animals! As always, the monkeys and gorillas were a hit, but the big area of interest (at least for the Noodle, the little guy fell asleep) was the dinosaur exhibit--moving, roaring dinos. It was the perfect way to stroll and chat, while keeping the youngsters interested too. Dr. G and I have been doing bible study together since 2005, and she and her husband have been so supportive of J and I. Thanks for a fun time and our friendship!!

After the zoo, we took a detour to go meet J for lunch. One of the things I love about being off is being able to take the Noodle downtown so we can eat with Daddy. Thankfully, J's job is flexible so that, barring any meetings, he can usually take a few minutes out of his day for his girls. We ate down by the river and watched the seagulls and the boats come and go. While it was still sunny, the wind was quite a bit stronger here and so it made for a chilly meal.

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