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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

The little face that melts this Mama's heart.
The BEST mother's day gift every.
A few pre-brunch photos.

Being silly after brunch.
The wonderful view we saw as we walked.
Ahhhhhh! I love to feel the wind blow!!
Happy belated Mother's Day. This was, of course, a very special day for me, since it was the first one as a mother. After church we went to a fabulous restaurant for lunch, which was right on the water. While it was a VERY windy, the sun was bright, the air was crisp and clean, the flowers were out in full bloom and the sky was very blue with the white clouds skittering by. Truely New England at its finest. Aunt C. was in full photography-mode snapping away with her extra cool Nikon D. After lunch, we all wanted nothing more than to go home and nap...unfortunately the Noodle had other plans. After about 30 minutes J and I gave up and decided to take a long walk down by the ocean. The entire hour and a half that we were out walking, the Chinese Noodle didn't stop talking. She was especially enthralled with all of the bikes, motorcycles and various helmets that she kept spotting. It was a wonderful way to spend a very special day.

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