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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This is what I do when someone says "smile".

I'm thankful that over this past weekend, we seemed to have made a break-through with the Chinese Noodle's speech. I guess with 4 adults pestering her non-stop, she figured she might as well humor us and start making her request in simple sentences, rather than just single words. She also has just started to link 2-3 words together, in order to comment. I'm feeling really optimistic because she had been relying so heavily on us to prompt and guide her and now it seems to have "clicked". Articulation is another story, but I was more concerned about the language, so this is a definite answer to prayer.

We also got the results back from the third round of hearing tests that she had done at the beginning of May. The ENT was pleased that the negative pressure that had been present in March, is now gone. Everything else with the tests were normal, so the ENT is fine with foregoing tubes at this time. Tomorrow we have our pre-op appointment. The June 3 surgery is becoming more and more real!!

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