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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Clothes are soooo overrated

Playing so nicely with my Raggedy Ann doll. Don't I look cuddly and warm?
Perhaps I'll just take off my socks and slippers and unzip my jacket...
Why don't I just take off my jacket? It's not that cold in here.
Pants? I don't need my pants!
Hee Hee...I'm free!
The Chinese Noodle, like every good toddler, has discovered the fun (and power) in being able undress, and with some assistance, dress, herself. Usually this happens at appropriate times, like getting ready for a bath, or when it is time to take off her p.j.s, etc. Other times, however, we'll walk in on her and voila! Partially clad 2-year old. It really does make you laugh! Some mornings when we get her up out of bed, she'll have unzipped part of her p.j.s and her shoulders will be sticking out. J calls her a "lounge lizard". Ha Ha. If she could have undone the snaps on her onesie, I'm sure she would have removed that too!

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chinacosto said...

best wishes for all the people. :)
How happy the kid is... very lovely