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Friday, January 30, 2009

(not so) Funny Friday

Contained...and not get into mischief...at least for the 3 seconds it took to take the photo!

Well.......we certainly had an interesting day here! The morning was fine--a run to Target and a playdate with a good friend from high school and her daughter at a local rec center. The "fun" began when it was time to come home and go down for a nap. The C.N. was quite busy in her crib talking to herself and playing with the blankets. I generally go in ever so often to cover her back up and remind her that it is time to sleep. Each time I went in, she'd sign "all done". I firmly told her "no way" and would put her back down. It finally got quiet in there and I thought "good, at last she is down". I walked out into the hall to peer into her room and who do I see standing OUTSIDE the crib?!?! That's right, Houdini herself. Don't know how she did it, but somehow she managed it. The afternoon went downhill from there. She didn't end up sleeping, so after an hour and a half, I got her up and boy was she in rare form. The list includes, in no particular order: eating what seemed to be half a can of playdoh while I was trying to set up doctor appointments for her on the phone, spitting out her snack in a slow-motion "puke" manner, pulling out half a box of tissues, turning the vaccuum on and off as I tried to express my frustrations to J, banging various vaccuum cleaner accessories as loud as she could on the hard wood floor, licking the soap off her body as she was having her bath (yuck!!), taking big gulps of bath water (double yuck) and all the while, saying at the top of her lungs "No No No"!

As I sit and re-read this, the special ed teacher in me realizes that all of these were attention seeking behaviors. Thankfully she doesn't usually act like this because by the time J. came home from work, I was exhausted! These were the types of behaviors that I left behind...for greener pastures, or so I thought!

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Nicole said...

Been there girl.
It seems for us it's like this unusual dance of 3 steps forward one step back, the good news it the one step back isn't lasting as long or coming as often. I feel your pain!!
Here is hoping the CN takes a very long nap today!!