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Monday, January 12, 2009

A weekend of firsts

Faster Daddy faster!!!!!!!!!
Boy, it is really hard to move in all this snow!
I love trying to catch snowflakes
Winter wonderland
You can just take this cape off me RIGHT now, because I am not liking this hair-cutting thing!!!
Are we done yet?!?! (Don't look at my roots!)
Doesn't my new do look nice? All those long pieces around my neck and ears are gone! Thanks Ms. Diane.
This weekend was a series of firsts for the Chinese Noodle. While we had had some snow, we got a whopping 8 inches over Friday and Saturday. As soon as the C.N. looked outside, she started signing "snow" and kept pointing to go out. We all put on the layers and J got out an old sled to pull her around the yard and up and down the sidewalk. She LOVED every minute of it, but wasn't so sure about actually standing in the snow. I think because it was so deep, she didn't like the feeling of being immobile.

Later on that day we went to have her first haircut. She was NOT impressed and wanted absolutely nothing to do with getting her hair trimmed! Poor thing, she cried and screamed like she does when she is at the doctor. I wonder if she is having flashbacks to her time in the orphanage when they would cut her hair so short...by the time she had her coat on and she and J were walking out the door, she was back to her smiley-self again. The whole ordeal took approximately 10 minutes. I'm sure she'll learn to love going to the hairdresser--all in good time.

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