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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun Friday--Bouncin' off the walls!

The scene that greeted us
I've finally gotten my hands on a ball
Let's play Daddy
Enjoying the parachute
Taking a break to do some arts and crafts
Tonight the 3 of us went to an event sponsored by our local early childhood PTA group that was held at one of the elementary schools. They call it Bouncin' Off The Walls. I can't think of a more appropriate name! There was a parachute, tunnel to crawl through, music for dancing, balls to kick and throw and in the cafeteria, snacks and arts/crafts. When we walked in, there were kids running and laughing all over the gym, burning off the energy that's been bottled up all winter. The Chinese Noodle had fun running around, was able to get her hands on a few of the balls, crawled through the tunnel and even manage to grab a seat on the parachute as it slid by. Amazingly enough, we didn't witness any collisions the entire time we were there. When we put her down for bed, she was out in no time fast! Sweet dreams!!

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Seth said...

Can I ask why my sweet little niece is wearing a dress while playing with balls and crawling through tunnels? Come on, E, give the kid some sweats!:) You know she'll be adorable in those too!