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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Santa Rosa Beach--Part II

We recently got back from our vacay to Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Home of sugar sand white beaches, turquoise water, salty breezes and all kinds of re-lax-ation!  I wrote about part I here.
While we were there, J celebrated his birthday.  Before we left (like literally, right before we walked out the door) he opened up his presents.
On his actual birthday, I still wanted it to feel special so I made up some birthday bunting and hung up in the condo.
We ended up going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants down there, Stinky's.  The wait there is cra-zy long, so we made sure we got there at the geriatric hour and by 5:35 we were sitting down at our table.
Do you think J like his choice?!
Afterwards we went and took some pics on the beach because hello?!  the beach in the evening? Beautiful!!
These weren't the "Christmas card" pics (insert trio of groans from the peanut gallery, hahaha!) but at least 3/4 of us were coordinated.
We had done those earlier in the week.  As with all families, the amount of cajoling, bargaining and threatening that goes on to get one decent picture is insane!
The rest of the trip was spent doing pretty much the same thing.  Playing in the sand, swimming/riding waves, reading, laughing and most importantly, cherishing the time we had together as a family.
Santa Rosa Beach, you can bet we'll be back next year!!  Thanks for a lovely vacation!

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