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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Day of vacation!

Today is the last day before the Noodle heads back to school.  We accomplished pretty much everything on our summer list--yay for us!  The only thing left we wanted to do was to go out for lunch in Asia Town to celebrate a fun, relaxing summer and to usher in the new school year.
Since 2015 is the zodiac year of the sheep/ram, different artists create various statues to commemorate that year and place them around Asia Town.  It is fun to walk around and look at all of them.  In some places, previous zodiac animals are still standing--a little bit like "Where's Waldo?"
We wandered around through the shops and looked at all sorts of cool things like Bruce Lee posters (the Noodle did a biography on him last year), Hello Kitty alarm clocks and all types of swords (!). Both of the girls also got a kick out of the numerous Laughing Buddha's with the big bellies.  Ha!
There were a few things we needed at the Asian market so we wandered around in there, picking up this and that.
It wouldn't be a stop down there without looking at the live frogs.  Sometimes it is turtles, but this time it was frogs.
By now it was lunchtime, so we headed to our current favorite spot to eat.  It was a noodle-type of day, so that's what we ordered.  We were not disappointed!
We're sorry to see summer end but looking forward to what the new school year holds!

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