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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Girl's Day Out

Growing up, I always remember those special days when just my mom and I would go out--Girl's Day Out.  We'd grab lunch--I always got to choose (!), do some shopping and yak and yak and yak! It usually coincided with back-to-school, but not always. As an elementary and middle school girl it always felt so grown-up!
So, after swimming lessons, with Mei Mei happily being entertained by Grandma, the Noodle and I set off for our lunch and shopping excursion for back-to-school goodies.  When asked where she'd like to go for her special lunch, she didn't skip a beat when she responded with a hearty and enthusiastic "McDonald's!!"  Okaaay then, not quite what I expected, but I shouldn't have been surprised, especially considering that for her, McDonald's is a treat.  The number of times her little feet have crossed the threshold of the golden arches could probably be counted on one hand (two of those times were in China when we were all getting desperate for food and were seriously hangry).
You guys, she was totally enthralled with just the box!  She hadn't even had the first sip of her pop or eaten any of the french fries but just kept turning it over this way and that.  Too cute!  Finally, I suggested that she start eating before everything got cold.  Ha!  She loved it :)
After that we headed to the office supply store to stock up, list in hand.  J had $39.00 in some rewards bucks, and when all was said and done, our total was $38.99.  Not quite sure how we managed that one, but I'll take it!  Boom--done and done!
Next stop?  Tar-jay, because obvs.  We took our time wandering around, looking at all the things that the Noodle wanted to see but that I usually try to breeze past--think Pokemon cards here. We thoroughly exhausted ourselves and the best way to beat that mid-afternoon, blood sugar dip?  Ice cream of course!
Dipped cones to be exact.  Yum-o!  We got home and she showed off her goods to Grandma and Mei Mei and then got down to business labeling everything.  Pencils were sharpened, folders had her name proudly emblazoned on them and it all was carefully put into her pencil box.  This girl is ready for 3rd grade!
We had such a fun time, just being together, chatting and laughing.  As we were saying prayers tonight, I got a little teary because I just.cannot.believe. that she is going into 3rd grade!  Wah! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding that little person on my hip and stroking her little buzzed head?!  The time definitely goes by too fast!!  

I'm going to go up and give her one last kiss.  Just because.

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