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Friday, August 21, 2015

What did you do over Summer vacation?

This is the standard question going back each year, right?  Here's our answer in (mainly) picture form.

We played at lots of different parks,
ate ice cream at all the local joints--and even made our own a couple of times,
went swimming at the pool,
the Lake,
and even the ocean!
We saw the Minion movie,
had lunch Downtown with Daddy,
and ate lots of picnic meals down at the Lake with friends.
We searched and hunted for beach glass,
picked berries,
read and read and read some more,
perfected our chemistry skills,
climbed a few trees
and generally let our creative juices flow...
We shopped and ate our way through AsiaTown,
and took a few trips--some closer to home
and some farther away.
 Farewell Summer!  We've enjoyed every minute of you!

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