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Monday, July 27, 2015

Santa Rosa Beach--Part I

Last week we hit the road and headed out for our vacation in Santa Rosa Beach in Florida.  It is one of the many beautiful beaches along 30A in the Panhandle.  Turquoise water?  Yep.  Azure blue sky? Check.  White, sugar-sand beaches?  You got it.  Endless sunshine?  Of course.  The only drawback? The 15 hour drive.  Agggghhh!
The good news is that my Aunt and Grandma live about halfway between our house and the beach thus making it the perfect stopping point!  My Aunt also has a country craft/garden center/farm so the girls were excited to go and see the animals.  Feeding the goats and the sheep were definitely another high point!
The other bonus (primarily for the Noodle) was that there was a dinosaur tourist spot one exit away from where we were stopping for the night.  Yes, we did our part to help the local economy...can't say we'll go back, but it was a fun experience and both girls were waaay into it.  Ha ha ha!
The second day of our trip is the longer day.  Usually about 9 hours.  Unfortunately for us, this year there was tons of construction (really the whole way down and back) which added on 2 additional hours.  One of those hours was tacked on to the last 40 minutes of the trip.  I think this picture says it all without going into the nasty details.
When we finally rolled into town, we did a quick unpack/potty stop/hand wash and then grabbed a bite to eat.  We also had to pick up groceries, along with everyone else and their brother, at the local Publix, but somehow that warm ocean air made it o.k.
Since the 8 and under crew wake up at the same time every day (regardless of weekday vs. weekend, time zone difference or anything else), we were usually down on the beach by about 8:30 each morning.  We'd stay down until lunch and then go back to the condo to eat and rest for a few hours before heading back down until dinner.  Some nights we ate in and others were went out.  Basically that's how we rolled all week.
Suuuper laid back and casual.  Perfection actually.

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