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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July 2015--Part 2

Here's the other half of our 4th of July weekend--warning, just as many photos!
Saturday, the actual 4th, everyone got up and got dressed in their best red, white and blue for our first neighborhood bike parade.  Growing up, there were hardly any families with kids in the 'hood.  When we moved back, the same was still true--boo.  But, just this past Spring, we've had 2 more families move in who have youngsters.  We decided we had to celebrate and a bike parade was the way to go! 
 See?  We doubled (the baby was just visiting)--swelling the ranks I tell ya!
 The ring master himself, leading the crew, with his trusty coffee cup in hand.
 We started off well, but then the 2 oldest realized that it was much more fun to just ride around, and so they kept lapping the preschoolers/toddlers and adult walkers.  Our parade became much more protracted.  Ha!
Stopping by to visit neighborhood dogs and wave to friends.
 Afterwards, we ended up back at the park and enjoyed patriotic popsicles. 
We headed back home for lunch and then naps for all (minus J, who went kayaking) and then went down to the dock for a little swimming.  I decided to watch from the side :)
 Lollie and Papa came over for dinner so we enjoyed sitting outside and chatting with everyone.
 And then, finally, it was time for fireworks!  I had seen on Pinterest the idea to use a Solo cup over the hand when holding sparklers.  J initially scoffed at it, but after about 2 minutes, realized it was a brilliant idea.  Thank you.
Sunday, after church, we headed out to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa.  Of course we had to play on the beach.
After lunch, Mei Mei opened a few more presents for her birthday
and then snuggled down with Grandpa to enjoy a new book.  I spy someone taking a cat-nap in the background.
It wouldn't be a holiday without homemade ice-cream!  This time we made chocolate raspberry.  Yum.
We are so blessed to live in a country where we have such freedom.  I know I often take mine for granted, so it is good to stop and reflect just how fortunate we are!  Hope you had a fantastic 4th!

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