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Friday, July 3, 2015

Birthday Celebration!

Mei Mei had her 4th birthday this past Tuesday, and what a day it was!
In the morning, we went to one of her (and the Noodle's) favorite places--the library.  I love that she enjoys getting new books each week:)
After ballet class, Grandma, Grandpa and Lollie came over for her little party.  Papa was out of town so we had to celebrate without him.  Boo.
 Lollie and Papa had just gotten back from a trip up to Northern Michigan and had brought home a few little souvenirs.  The Noodle with her "cheeser" grin--ha!
 The dinner request, big shocker, was Chinese food.  Specifically noodles and rice.  Ha!  At least both girls are easy to please...I just dialed up our local carry-out and J picked up the food on his way home from work.
 Mei Mei was very specific about what kind of cake she wanted--mint chocolate chip cake.  I had made this over Memorial Day weekend and it had been a hit, so decided to do it again.  No complaints from the crowd.
 After dinner we opened up presents.  She "read" each of her cards out loud and it was sooo cute.  She said things like "My Mama and my Daddy love me.  I have love in my heart for them.  To the China moon and back.  The end." and similar sentiments.  Brought tears to my eyes because it was just too sweet!
 Opening presents is serious business, even if you do beam yourself in the eye in the process!
 Legos to add to the ever growing collection!
 Love the new ballet bag from Uncle and Aunt C!
 Every time we go to Tar-jay she loves to play on this little cash register.
 Now we have two shop owners.
It was one content, if exhausted, 4 year old who fell into bed that night.  Such a fun day celebrating our girl.
Mei Mei you are our sweet ray of sunshine!  You are loving and so compassionate and give the best hugs.  We love you to the China moon and back!  Happy 4th birthday big girl!!

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