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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blueberry Pickin'

The 4th comes and goes and then it means it is time to pick blueberries!  The girls and I headed out one morning earlier this week to do just that.
The morning had started out pretty overcast so there weren't many people picking.  As the morning wore on, the sun came out and we hit our stride.
By the time we finished, we had picked 16 lbs.  I went to pay and was told that they only accepted cash or check.  This posed a bit of a problem because while I had some cash on hand, I certainly didn't have enough to cover 16 lbs. of blueberries.  Thankfully they informed me that there was an ATM up the road.
We decided to go get the cash and then stop by for a sweet treat reward of frozen custard.  It was de-lish.

Chocolate for the Noodle.  Peach and vanilla swirl for Mei Mei and me.
Once we were sufficiently fortified, we headed back to pay, since the girl at the check-out had said that she'd hold our berries off to the side for us.
While that sounded good in theory, when we got back to pay, they couldn't find our 3 bulging bags of berries.  Must have been sold off to someone else.  Humph.  Thankfully they had enough in their pre-picked stock so they gave us those and we were on our way.
Of course, both of them fell asleep on the way home.  Ha!  The Noodle did fine when she woke up but Mei Mei proceeded to have a nuclear meltdown once she got out of the car.  After about 20 minutes she crawled over to where I was sitting and climbed (literally) up into my lap and settled. Then she was fine.  Go figure.
I think this weekend I'm going to try to make this with some of the berries.  It looks scrumptious, doesn't it?!

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