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Friday, July 17, 2015

Painted tosies

A little secret about me:  I am a girly-girl, but I'm not a big nail polish fan.  I rarely have my fingernails painted.  I do like to have polish on my toes, especially in the summer, but I have zero desire to go get manis or pedis.  Weird, huh?!!

My youngest daughter is turning out to be the EXACT opposite.  Lord help me!  She is always noticing people's polish.  She oohs and ahhhs whenever she sees fingers or toes painted up.

Another little secret about me:  I'm not crazy about young girls wearing polish.  I know--old fashioned of me--but it just seems that most of the time it looks chipped, cracked or is peeling off.  In other words, tacky.  So..........I don't encourage this nail polish infatuation of Mei Mei's.
Disregard my freakish foot in the background...not sure what was going on there?!
That being said, a favored Aunt recently sent the girls a goodie box and inside it contained, among other things, 2 pretty colors of polish.  Oh.my.goodness.  Mei Mei just about sailed into the stratosphere she was so pumped.  There was also a note enclosed that said for "for toes only"--mwhahaha!!!  She knows me well ;)
Opening the bag and realizing it contains nail polish!!
Reading the note about how the polish is for tosies only.

I had promised the girls that we'd paint tosies and they were counting down the minutes until we broke out that polish.  Mei Mei kept saying, "This is so pretty!  I love the polish!!  Ohhh it is so wonderful!!!" Throughout the day, she'd gaze down at her toes and sigh happily, just at the sight of them.  

Oh boy.  I think I'd better hide the polish and make sure it is up out of her reach so she doesn't decide to give herself a mani or pedi!!

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