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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Visit to the Farmpark

I'd much rather look at the chicks in the cage, than touch the hen.
Hmmmmm, this farm certainly has a strong odor, doesn't it?!

On Friday, the Chinese Noodle, Grandma and I went to visit a Farmpark that is about 45 minutes away. Since we're always reading about farms and farm animals, I thought the C.N. would love it. She did. We saw all kinds of animals and she petted a couple of pigs, a rabbit, sheep and lambs. When the time came for her to pet the hen, she wanted no part of it (don't blame her really--they can be a bit crazy!). The real highlight of the trip, however, was the opportunity to wear her boots. What a character, prancing all around the farm in her bright boots.

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