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Monday, April 13, 2009

My fabulous husband (I'm soo proud!)

I just had to shout out the good news that J took his LEED test today to become a LEED accredited professional and HE PASSED!!! He has been studying since November--waking up early, early, early (like 4:30 early) and pounding the information whenever he had extra time--those with small children know this is at a premium! Out of 200 possible points, he got 192 correct!! I'm just so proud of him. This has been a personal and professional goal for him and he achieved it. Now, if anyone wants a green building designed, J's got the credentials showing that he has the expertise and qualifications to do it. Way to go Love!!!!!!!!!


Seth said...

Rock on, J! Now, as soon as we strike it rich you can build me my hippy dwelling, hobbit like home!! Looking forward to that day!

Unknown said...

Congrats to you J, great job! But what happened that you missed 8 points?!