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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down the garden path

BANG BANG BANG...hammering is fun!
I'm ready to "measure twice, cut once".
My fun new sandbox.
The day is young, the sun is warm...and there are a ton of bricks to move.A proud accomplishment.

I don't know whether you are like us, but we always have a permenent "honey-do" list going. Since J is so handy, part of the fun for us is coming up with new ways to "take things to the next level" as he often quips. Two of the items on the list were tackled this weekend. First, we had wanted to make a sandbox for the Chinese Noodle. Nothing like a project to bring out all of the fun tools and equipment. The Noodle was right there, involved, helping to measure, hammer and hand Daddy screws. What was I doing while this was going on you ask? Digging up our garden path and hauling bricks (item number two on the list--replace the garden walk). Ugh. Literally back-breaking work. Oh well. By the end of the day we had a new sandbox, a nicely stacked pile of old bricks, and a mountain of soil that needed to be spread (it had been dropped off mid-day).

Parts of our garden are low and so we have trouble with flooding. We also wanted to put in a new flower bed (item number three), since new neighbors moved in last fall, have a dog and built a fence. It just seemed much easier to have a truck load of soil brought and remedy a few of the problems at once. Stay tuned for updates on the completed path and flower bed. Cold, rain and tired bodies prevented us from doing more today, although we did get half of the walk put in before running out of bricks.

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