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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The unveiling of the new blog...

Greetings everyone! So glad you decided to stop by to visit our new blog. I decided to create this for our day-t0-day events as we ride this roller coaster called life. It seemed fitting to unveil this blog today, December 4, because something else happened 30 some odd years ago on this very day as well. I'll let you ponder what that may be...



Seth said...

Hey Sis, I get to be the first person to not only respond to your new blog, but to also wish you a Happy Birthday on your blog! And you are 34 years old today, right? I thought I would let that cat out of the bag for the other readers who come to check this out today in case they didn't know :) Have a wonderful day with our favorite Chinese noodle! Love to you and Jeff and Claire

Seth and Cari

Unknown said...

Hello Buglet!

Blessings to Erin, Jeff & Claire on Mama's birthday. I tried to get E&J to let me bring Claire back to China with me during this trip but, well, they somehow thought she'd be better cared for on Carabel than in a hotel here all day & all night, with Papa out trying to entice Chinese Yuan in exchange for MB equipment and $$.

The new blog marks another giant step into blogosphere for the Foster Fam!

Love you all!
Richard the Papa