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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deck the halls!!!

We ended up "decking the halls" last weekend, but I haven't posted until tonight. Too busy! This was the first year that we used an artificial tree. I always grew up with a live tree and love everything associated with them (wandering around the tree farm, picking out that "perfect" tree, the smell of the evergreen boughs, even the wiggling of the tree stump by that special man in my life--either Dad or J) EXCEPT the clean-up of needles. At the end of last year, we decided that perhaps it would be easier, especially if we had a child, to just get an artificial tree and that way we could put it up anytime and keep it up for as long as we liked. Also, perhaps the clean-up would be somewhat easier (the verdict is still out on that one).

That certainly was true this year. We decided to decorate last Saturday evening before going out to a Christmas party and to celebrate my birthday dinner. I strapped the Chinese Noodle to my back and helped J set up the tree. While I fed her dinner, J strung the lights and the garland. The following day, after dinner with my mom, we finished decorating after the C.N. had gone to bed. I had such romantic notions about of all 3 of us trimming the tree, however those of you with a two-year-old know that this is not always such a good idea!

I do have to say that the look on her face, when she comes downstairs, is priceless. It is like she is seeing the tree for the first time each morning. How magical to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. Fa la la la la!!

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