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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Will they notice I've gotten into the address labels again?

I wonder if Daddy will realize there's a label attached to his shoe........

The Chinese Noodle has developed a fondness for address return labels. We keep them in a drawer in the kitchen where she is able to reach them and often when I am cooking, I'll look over and see her digging around for some. Since I just finished Christmas cards, there were even more out and available. Is it any wonder that she's been sticking them onto anything she can get her hands on (including herself)?! So...for this Thankful Thursday post, I am thankful that I have an inquisitive toddler who finds enjoyment out of the simplest of things!

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susan said...

What a great outlook. I remember when the twins began the dumping stage! They'd have such fun just filling up anything and then dumping it out again!