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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Decking the halls

Ho ho ho!  Deck the halls!  Jingle all the way! and Fa la la la laaaaaa!  Christmas is right around the corner. How about a little home tour?

Since our house is on a corner, this is what it looks like from both directions...
Come right on in!

Here's a little Christmas tree that my Grandma made...years ago.  It welcomes you when you walk into the mud room.  I love the vintage vibe it sends off.
Then it is up into the living room.  I finished the stocking for MeiMei and just picked it up from being monogrammed.  Yeah!  So nice to see 4 stockings hanging there.
I changed up our mantle this year.  We used to use greens and twinkle lights, but I was ready for something a bit different.  My parents left quite a bit of their silver (that was never used and covered in tarnish) squirreled up in the attic.  Seems like a waste, so I've been trying to incorporate it here and there.

The side table--J found that cute Asian nutcracker for me last year...love it!
Not too many uses for a champagne bucket (not that I don't love champagne!), so might as well fill it with Christmas greenery.
More silver making an appearance on the back of the "official" (read, hardly ever used) front door.  Here's how I made it.
Another change this year was that I didn't put up the swags over the doors like I've done in years past.  This is the doorway between the living room and the sun room and it is sporting some bunting.  Unfortunately you can't tell from the picture, but the dotty paper is glittery, as are the letters.  Bring on the bling!
Next room is the dining room.  I couldn't get a good picture of the sideboard that has our Advent wreath and some cute snowman candlesticks because it was (shocker) sunny out and the picture just was too dark.
I had seen placemats similar to these on Pinterest last year so decided to recreate them but with Christmas words.  The others say:  merry, joy, peace, jingle.
 Two snow divas that rest on the china cabinet.
Up in our bedroom we have a small little tree that just has photo ornaments on it.   It is so nice to wake up in the morning, turn on the lights and gaze at the tree.
Finally, in the upstairs hallway, we have some water-less snowglobes with bottle brush trees in them.  They are all over the internet and quite easy to make.
I just realized that I didn't put a picture of our "family" tree or the little tree in the Noodle's room.  Will definitely have to add that.
School's officially over so now we're out on Christmas vacation. The Noodle's birthday party was today (post on that soon) so we're really in full-on celebration mode here!!

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