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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Round 2

Each year we try and head down South to visit my extended family on my mom's side.  Dinner is always at my Uncle's and let me tell you...he knows how to entertain!  It is always such an elegant evening, but one filled with laughter and the hosts always make you feel so at home, even though you secretly shudder when you think about the cost of the Art Deco glass table that your 7 year old just plunked her glass down upon. Eek!
This is the table where we sat--breathtaking view of the river.  The other room had another table set for 10--gorgeous, no?!

The view from the third floor deck...

Each year it becomes more and more important for us to go, because, let's face it, no one is getting any younger.  My Nana is 88 and still kickin' it like a rock star so it is a great opportunity to gather the fam together and celebrate...life!  This year Uncle and Aunt C were able to be there too, which makes it even better (they rotate every other year with her family).

The whole family (we were only missing 2)
The grand (and great-grand) children

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