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Sunday, December 29, 2013


The Noodle had made her (rather extensive) Christmas list and on it had included an Ivy Ling American Girl doll.  Now as a point of interest, the Noodle has never been super into dolls--especially the ones which eyes open and shut.  Quite honestly she thinks they are scary.  Always has--even when she was a toddler!  She'll go through phases where she'll play with her dolls (which have the eyes that remain open all the time), but certainly she has never been doll crazy.  She has, however, been really into reading all the American Girl books, hence the interest.

When J and I heard about this item on her list, we started asking her how she'd feel, especially because we knew about the eye issue.  She thought she'd be o.k., and was actually pretty excited about the possibility, so we made sure Santa was "in the know".
Fast-forward to Christmas morning.   Santa came through on the promise--it was actually one of the few toys that the Noodle received since it was such a BIG gift.  While she was initially excited about receiving it, once we laid the box down the eyes shut, she freaked.  It was too scary.  What to do?!?!?
Thankfully J was quick thinking on his feet and he encouraged the Noodle to write a letter to Santa explaining the situation with the hope that Santa could return the doll in exchange for something a bit less scary.

The letter says:
"Dear Santa Thank you for Ivy Ling, but the eyes kind of scare me.  Will you take her back and bring me something else centarion mega nerf gun, Starbeam my walking unicorn.  Please bring me both tomorrow."

Thankfully Santa "got it" and understood.  A few days later, he had brought a couple smaller exchange gifts and all was right with the world.

Can you say oops!?!?!


Faye Verquer said...

That's kind of sad and funny all at the same time! I was going to suggest super gluing the eyes open! Those are the most fantastic dolls ever!!

E said...

I know!! Not only did we feel horrible for what happened, but we (I) was especially bummed because they are such great dolls...I was secretly excited about playing with her too ;) Ha!