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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You're one in a Minion!

The Noodle had her 7th birthday this past Saturday.  She decided that minions were the way to go, sooo after trolling through P*nterest for some cute ideas, I had a pretty good framework to build from and we sent out these invitations.
She had 6 little girls to the house for an hour and a half.  Let me tell you--perfect number of kiddos and exact right amount of time!  They came and started with a couple of coloring pages of minions before they moved onto a make-your-own-minion craft (idea here).
Next we played pin-the-goggles on the Minion.  Printable found here with the goggles found here, and then opened presents.
After presents, it was time for cake and ice-cream.  Now in all honesty, I've always struggled with cake decorating.  Cake B*ss I am not.  In fact, usually, the icing on my cakes looks pretty pathetic.  But....not this time!  Well, I'm still no Cake B*ss, but they turned out much better than I thought they would thanks to my speech therapist from school, VAK.  She gave me the little inside secret of freezing the cakes before icing. Revolutionary I tell ya!  So much easier to do.  Even if the black did end up dripping a bit so that one minion looks like his mascara ran.  Grrr.

Then we went and played a few rounds of mionion BINGO before the moms and dads starting picking everyone up.  Before each girl left, they got a goodie bag filled with a minion cake (found here) , a banana (obvs.), some little candies, some minion bandaids (again, thanks VAK), rainbow loom rubberbands, a pencil and an eraser.   Each girl also got their own minion hat--I pulled J. into the crafty goodness too!  Ha!!

The next day we had the grandparents over as well as Uncle and Aunt C who had driven up from VA the night before.  Yeah!  It was fun to celebrate and catch-up.
 Moose-ears.  All the rage with the first-grade crew I guess.
One of the gifts came in a huge bag.  While what was inside was cool, the bag itself was definitely a fun toy too.

As the day was winding down, I got an unexpected call from my best friend from college.  She and her family were driving through our town on their way down South to begin a new chapter in their lives and wondered if they could pop around for a quick visit.  Sure!!!
They are taking a huge step out in faith and have packed up their family of 5, sold 80% of their belongings, and are planning on living on a boat as they sail around the Caribbean doing mission work.  It has always been their dream and they decided it was time to push outside their comfort zone and go to where the magic happens.  Curious?  You can read more about their adventure here.

It was a fun but busy birthday weekend.  Next stop?  Christmas!!!!

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