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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Festive Door Hanger

So the calendar is about to flip over to December.  Full speed ahead with the Christmas decorations!!
I found this cute door hanger on Pinterest and knew I could re-create it.  I had quite a few pieces of silver/silver plate from Lollie that had been up in the attic since, mmm 1970? when she and Papa got married, so I thought why not bring it down and put it to use?  As an FYI, the creamers/sugar bowls/pitchers were all found at Goodwill for about $4.50 each.
 Here's what you need:
--a tray with handles (if you don't have anything hanging around, try a thrift store, garage sale, the Goodwill, you get the idea)
--some greenery (either artificial or the read deal--mine was faux)
--a creamer, sugar bowl or small pitcher (see note above)
--2 different colored ribbons

Start by gathering the greenery into a bundle.  I used 3 boughs and rubberbanded them together at one end.  Next I used a twist-tie to attach them to the handle of the tray.  Fluff out the boughs.

Next take your ribbon and thread it through the handle of the creamer, sugar bowl and/or pitcher.  Tie it to the handle of the tray.
Add a contrasting ribbon for decoration and viola!  Instant festive door hanger :)
 Now see if you can stop yourself from making a few of these guys!!!
BTW, I used fishing line threaded through the handle to hang it up.  Enjoy!

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