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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New bathroom--reveal

One of the things that our house desperately needed was a second bathroom.  My parents always talked about putting one in, but never did.  Fast forward to today.  It was high on our list when we were figuring out the renovations.

We decided to take the old family room, which was quite large, and create a powder room, a laundry room and a mud room.  The laundry room is just about finished (we'll save that for another post) and the bathroom got (just about) finished up over the weekend.  Yeah!  The long weekend should help make the mudroom a reality by Sunday--fingers crossed.

J continues to work like a machine.  He installed the toilet/shower/sink, put down the tile on the floor, tiled the shower, painted, hung the lights, and on and on and on.  What did I do?  Ahem....sewed some ric-rac onto the guest towels and "foo-fooed" (is that a word) it up.  Big score was on the mirror which I found at Goodwill for $7.00.  I seem to be finding more and more there--I'll blame Pinterest.

Enjoy the photos (especially Uncle and Aunt C)!

Here is what the family room looked like for a couple of "before" shots.  Now, before La-la goes nuts because the room is suuuuch a mess, I'll throw in that these pictures were taken on moving day (before the movers had gotten down there to finish packing).  So a huge amount of stuff was piled in there...

This above pic is the side where the bathroom and the laundry room are now located.  The door on the left is an old closet that was taken out.  The door on the right goes into the garage.
You can see the door into the garage peeking out to the far left of this picture. This shot is where the mud room is going. 
And...here it is!

My little contributions--again Goodwill for the frame ($3.50 but it was marked 50% off for the day--I found 2) and the towels.
There's that bunting that I love.  The frame was up in the attic holding an old wedding photo of my Nana.  Don't worry--we saved the photo but put the frame to better use than just collecting dust.  Inspiration fround via Pinterest....here.  Chicken wire was lurking around in the garage.  Fabric was from a top I made.
My Goodwill mirror--like a phoenix rising from the ashes of yucky faux gold to gorgeous red.
The shower stall with the subway and glass tile.  Love!

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