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Thursday, September 1, 2011

She almost has it!

She's so close...so close!  The Noodle's got the whole "pushing off" thing down, she just has to work on riding straight ahead and keeping those handlebars square.  She's gone a good distance by herself, but there have been some big crashes...thank goodness for bike helmets!  By the time J gets home each night, she's already pretty tuckered out, but insists on trying!  She's not content to stay on the driveway but would rather zoom up and down the sidewalk...even though there are some wicked pretty uneven spots.
My prediction?  By the end of the long weekend she'll have it down.  I'm sure the leopard print top with the pink stripe shorts paired with the "Ka-Chow" pads guar-an-tee success!!

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