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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Botanical Gardens

 This past spring, the Botanical Gardens, in conjunction with the AIA (American Institute of Architects ) put out a request for different firms to submit birdhouses that would be scattered around the gardens.  J works for a very small firm, but when he heard the idea, he knew it was something he wanted to spearhead.  He and the intern came up with the design and then one weekend, he put the whole thing together and painted it.  Any opportunity to get out the power tools is always a good thing, according to him!
We finally decided to head over and wander around.  The threat of rain had subsided, slightly, and it seemed like the perfect, serene way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially one that falls on the anniversary of such a sad time in our country's history.
There is a darling Children's Garden with a sundial and fountain, tons of different paths to wander about, a pond which houses coy and cute, little green frogs, a "wendy house" and so much more.  We had fun exploring and experimenting before we continued on to the other areas like the Japanese rock garden, the hosta hill the sun patio or the waterfall.
Ha ha, this cracked her up...a potty with flowers in it?!
I'm gonna throw this picture in, for old times sake--it was 3 years ago today that we boarded a plane to China to go meet our Chinese Noodle and become a forever family of 3.  What an amazing trip!

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