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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

I know that as our "forever family day" approaches, that means that the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is also right around the corner.  Sure enough, when I walked out this morning and saw the full moon, I realized that today's the day!
Since I knew we had a relaxed evening in store, I thought we could make our mooncakes.  In years past the Noodle and I have gone down to the market to buy "offical" mooncakes, but after buying them last year (at $3.00 a pop) and not eating them (somehow lotus seed paste never sounds as appetizing at home as it does in the store--go figure) I decided that our own homemade ones would be just fine. 
We made the dough, let it chill in the 'fridge while we read a few books and then dolloped on the jam.  I popped the cookies into the oven that was cooking the fish for dinner, and so by dessert, we were ready to eat our mooncakes.  As an FYI, jam is definitely a preferred filling to red bean or lotus seed paste anyday...at least in our household.  Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!

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