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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Day of School

The Noodle woke up this morning ready for a new year of preschool.  When I asked her if she felt nervous, she said "Nope!  Only excited!".  This will not only be a new teacher for her, but also a new school.  There are 2 boys that she knew from last year, who are also in her class, but other than that, everyone else is new. 
I was hoping to get a photo outside but no such luck.  Her preschool starts at 8:00 and at 7:20 it was still dark out!
J took her and all of the various bags containing her supplies.  He was a bit befuddled as to where to put everything since the lockers are so narrow.  The teacher reminded him to "read the directions" posted on the wall and then it made perfect sense.  Extra clothes inside the locker and everything else, into the room.  Since the Noodle is attending preschool in a Catholic K-8 building, there are lockers (but without the locks...thank goodness for that!).
When it was time to leave, she gave him a quick kiss and hug and then got busy being a preschooler.  Learning, exploring, playing, socializing and having fun.  I think this year is off to a great start!

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